Follow up Post – How to Create A Powerful Personal Brand

What is a brand?
A brand is the unique experience that people remember about a product or service.
The reason marketers make use of brands for their product is so they can differentiate their brand from the competition. The goal is to position it as a premium brand so that consumers believe they are enjoying an exclusive product. We all know that adjectives like “premium” and “exclusive” are associated with higher cost. After all, that’s what pays for the entire branding exercise.

What is a personal brand?
A personal brand is the unique promise of value of a person. Simply put: it’s who you are and what you do – nobody else can be or do the exact same thing.

What is personal branding?
This is the process of uncovering/creating, building and promoting your brand to your target audience and the greater world.

5 Things you can do for your personal brand today

1. Create a personal brand statement.
By taking a step back and examining exactly what value you provide to others, you’ll be able to construct an effective brand statement. It should be no longer than two sentences containing who you are, what value you provide (whether it’s a product or service), and how you do it uniquely (knowing your USPs – Unique Selling Points – will facilitate).

2. Write a bio.
The longer version of your personal brand statement is called a bio. It’s typically a three paragraph text that outlines who you are, what you do, your skills and experience, as well as listing and quantifying your past achievements. Be sure to include any awards received, mentions in reputable media, and other personal endorsements at the end, as it is proven to attract eyeballs. Next? Post it to Google Profiles! Here is my post on ActiveRain with a short tutorial on how to do it. Your Google Profile — Do It Today!

3. Achieve consistency.

This is useful to do before you start hitting the market with your new personal brand toolkit. The cardinal sin in personal branding is having an inconsistent image. I reccomend putting together a text file with a 250 character profile and a 150 character profile. Some social media sites have different requirements for bio’s. Then it’s just a matter of cut-n-paste, and you have a unified message ready to go!

4. Create a marketing strategy.
You will now create a marketing mix based on whom you want to reach out to. Sit down and map out what your want to accomplish in the next year. I suggest a monthly newsletter (download a free “done for you” March edition newsletter) AND weekly articles submitted to the article directories. (like Then use my 7 steps to recycling your content.  (see the BTR radio show) It is a key point to driving traffic, phone calls and referrals.  Here’s the list real quick:

7 steps to recycling your content

  1. Write Article
  2. Submit to article directories
  3. Turn article into a Press Release
  4. Turn article into a Video
  5. Submit video to video sites
  6. Put video on your blog 
  7. Rip video to audio and submit to podcast directories
  8. Finally . . . Turn article into Blog Post!

5. Promote yourself.
The sprint is over; now begins the marathon. Once you have your personal brand together and you have created your plan, it’s all about keeping it up. If you only do just 2 things, The Monthly Newsletter and the Weekly Article with the 7 Steps, you will have a geat online presence and a great offline presence!

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