a parallel real estate business universe…

I pay a lot of money for coaching on how to improve my business and my skills. I’m a big
believer that everyone has room for improvement…especially me!

So last week I was in a coaching session… I was getting coached along with a handful of other people. One of them was a friend of a friend in real estate, but the rest of the people were strangers.

All the other people were really successful… and had businesses that generated $500k or more in profit every year.

But they were NOT Real Estate business people… one guy was a cosmetic surgeon. One had a factory that manufactured floor mats. Another was a financial planner to high-net-worth clients. One was a high-end dental surgeon in Orange County.

And to tell the truth, after a while I felt like a duck out of water (and I’m pretty sure my friend felt the same way.) It seemed like the other people all had “real” businesses… and I just had this incredibly simple business where I had been selling real estate, marketing, and coaching for 13 years.

There were times where I almost felt intimidated.

But as the coaching session wore on, and we all shared the inner workings of our businesses…well, a funny thing happened.

It was gradual at first… but by the end of the day all of those other people were huddled around my friend and I… they were trying to pick our brains and figure out how they could have a business just like ours.

And really… it all made sense.

Those folks had to deal with all kinds of headaches that we never worried about – lots of employees, the overhead that comes with “regular” businesses (I can’t imagine what a floor mat manufacturing facility would cost), low margins, the limits of geography, slow speed of implementation, crazy competitive environments, and on and on and on.

On the other hand… well the real estate business is darn near the perfect business.

It’s a great business to get into, you can meet new people and test out new markets with very little cost/risk, the profit margins are high, the room for growth is sky-high, you can run it from almost anywhere, you can get started quickly with nothing more than a computer, an Internet connection and a desire to learn how to take the test…and that just scratches the surface of all the awesomeness of the real estate business.

But how do we excel at the business of real estate? How do we get to be “the best of the best”. How do we grab the top earners spot?

TopAgentVault Webinar Schedule

Education. Education and learning how to use the tools around us.

I love teaching and education! (in a previous career, I taught high school!) I love the way someones face lights up and you see that ah ha! moment, and the light bulb goes off over their head. I love it!

I also enjoy it when someone I was able to coach becomes a success. Is able to learn the craft, support a family and (gasp!) pay taxes and become a responsible community member.

On my last post I mentioned the 90/10 rule.

When I teach at a webinar, teleseminar, or physical seminar, I don’t buy into the “Pitch Fest” mentality — toss a few scraps and buy, buy – me, me. Quite simply, I teach. I educated. I lift up and I build. I give 90% good quality material that a person could take action on. I give ideas that light up your mind so that you say, “That gives me an idea!”, and you run with the ball. I give you strategies and action plans that you can implement yourself or choose a solution. I give.

Wont you join me at one of my live webinars?

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