No Newsletter Yet? Tisk-Tisk – Well Here’s a Kick In The Pants!

NewsletterSo, we all started of January 1st with goals and dreams of getting a monthly newsletter out to your list of fans and your farm area…..How’s that going, eh?

Yea, I know, we all got busy and so it’s not really our fault. But it’s still on “The List” of things to do. (yea, that ratty notepad or collection of stickies on your computer) Well, the road to H. E. Double Hockey Sticks is paved with really good intentions, but I digress.

Well, I’ve got your back covered for this next month. How does this sound? I’ve got a free “Done For You” newsletter, ready for you to make some minor edits, take to your printer and send out. All you have to do is trade me your email address for the package, and we’re good.

Here’s what’s in the “March Newsletter zip” package:

  • 2 page newsletter (8.5″ x 11″ – 2 sided, in black & white or color)
  • 4 page newsletter (11″ x 17″ – 2 sided, in black & white or color)
  • Email template of the newsletter
  • Post card newsletter (Jumbo post card 6″ x 11″)
  • A few pages of extra articles that you can use if you dont like the ones that are there.

Soooo, what’s the catch, you might be saying to yourself about now…. Well, no real catch. I will email you once a week to stay in touch — I’ll let you know when I have more goodies to download, guest interviews, informative webinars and stuff like that. If you want to grab the stuff and unsubscribe, that’s ok too!

But here’s the payoff. A monthy newsletter is THE best thing that you can do to keep the “poachers” out of your territory. Here’s a good quote I always use…

“My single biggest recommendation is the use of a monthly customer newsletter.”
— Dan Kennedy

If you’re not distributing newsletters in your farming areas, your prospects and customers’ hearts and minds are being stolen from you! Remember: A monthly newsletter is like a fence — it keeps YOUR customers IN and the poachers OUT.

Now’s the time to get things rolling for March! When you go to my site,, you will see my video lessons are still up. (yea, yea, I know, I got busy too…) Enter your email address and check your email for the login link. Click on the link in your email, if you look at the top navigation, you will see “Profitable Newsletters”. I’ve got a few short tutorials on newsletters, then down near the bottom, you will see the download link “Done For You Pack – March 2011 Monthly”.

Now get busy and make some money this year! (Start by building a fence!)


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