It Never Rains In Southern California – Achooo!!..Sniff

Who ever said it never rains in Southern California, is crazy! (ok, YouTube it) As of today, we have received 8″-9″ inches this week, with more coming down as I type!

Ahhh, the gift that keeps on giving! Last week a guy I know sneezed all over me, and said, “Oh, sorry. I have a cold!”

Argh….now I have a cold, and alas, I have given it to my wife! So I just got back from the local drug store all stocked up on the seasonal cold and flu meds! I haven’t been hit too bad, but I have been running a steady supply of 7-up and toast to my wife for the last 2 days. Poor thing!

The silver lining in the rain cloud, my two teen-aged boys just cleaned the house today….humm….what do they want…..2 days before Christmas!

I just wanted to put a plug in on my freebie farming package that I have ready for you to download. It’s a great farming package that you will be able to use at least few times in the coming year. Grab these “done for you” templates now before they are gone. All you need to do is edit the information and press print and it’s ready to go.

In the mean time, I am going to take another hit of nose spray and a dayquil just to keep moving. Thanks buddy… Achooo!

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