How to Create A Powerful Personal Brand

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My topic today is “How to Create A Powerful Personal Brand” and I will be sharing some great tips on how to develop a personal and magnetic personal brand.

On Friday we chatted about “Pimp My Blog – Top 10 Things You Can Do To Grab Your Readers Eyeballs & Get them to Opt-in” and great tips on design and plugins you can use.

Today I want to cover Personal Branding. A brand is the unique experience that people remember about a product or service. The #1 reason a savvy Real Estate Agent makes use of brands for themselves is so they can differentiate their brand from the competition. Most of all, the goal is to position you as a premium brand so that consumers belive they are enjoying exclusive service. We all know that adjectives like “premium” and “exclusive” are associated with higher cost — and more dollars in your pocket!!. Listen in for more details…

Join me today, or listen to the replay below after the show date.

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