Hallelujah! I’m Converted! But…Are Your Readers?

Just because your website is pretty doesn’t mean people are going to buy houses from you.

Each and every element of your website or blog needs to be strategically set up to get your customers to want to op-in to your site. When a person opts-in to your site, they are raising their hand to let you know that they are interested in you and your business! If necessary you need to de-clutter your site and make room for the important stuff.

Do you have a contact form? (an actual fill in the blank form)

Do you have any safety seal logos showing that you and your business have been verified? If it’s there, people will feel safer entering their personal information and giving it to you.

Do you have a proper opt-in form? Not just one, but many? If you are running a WordPress blog, there are plugins that allow you to put an opt-in form at the end of each article!

Do you have your phone number all over the place in big numbers? Is it an 1-800 number? You look bigger than life if you are sporting a toll free number!

Anyway, head on over to my website TopAgentVault.com to watch the free video tutorials on “Shooting Great Video with Your Small or Flip Style Camera”. I put them together for all of my friends and have gotten pretty good reviews – They are going down on Friday.

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